Receive feedback for your company from clients and the general public using mobile platforms

The system allows customers and the general public to submit reports on their mobile making it super easy to send feedback to your company.


Title: Inclined post on the Avenida del Poblado

Post Tilt in the Avenida del Poblado

  • Address: Cra 43 Cl 8 Corner
  • Report Type: Potential problem in Power Distribution Network
  • User:
  • Comment: It seems to be at a dangerous angle
  • Date: 29/9/2010


  • Photography
  • Voice recordings
  • Video
  • Text

Sending information by:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Web interface from your cell phone or PC

In the case of applications for companies of Public Services The software integrates with Pisa tilt analysis software and mechanical bending

10 Rules of feedback

Of the 10 rules MarketingProf s feedback published in March 2004 and online at 70% are implemented by MobileReport

  • Collect customer feedback at every opportunity.
  • Actively solicit good and bad reviews.
  • Do not spend large sums of money doing it.
  • Go real time.
  • Make it easy.
  • Leverage technology.
  • Share comments freely.

The other three rules are something that only your company can do:

  • Believe that your customers have good ideas.
  • Focus on continuous improvement.
  • Make changes quickly.

Areas of Application

  • Public Utility Companies
    • Damage Reports
    • Power Distribution Network
    • Leaks
    • Gas
    • Phone
    • Reports of Fraud
  • Quality systems
    • Customer satisfaction
  • Media
    • News submitted by the public
  • Transit
    • Reports of infractions
    • Vehicular Pollution
    • Transport companies
    • Reports of drivers driving in a dangerous manner
  • Reports of abuse of power
  • City halls
    • Abuse of public space usage
    • Illegal download Debris
  • Police
    • Crime Reports