Pisa: inclination analysis software and mechanical bending.

In Pisa you can analyse the danger of collapse or rupture of structures such as poles of power distribution networks.

The system can optionally be integrated with MobileReport so your employees, contractors and the general public can submit reports of potentially dangerous structures.

Program output:

Example Usage: Analysis of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Note: The red line follows the left side of the tower, the green line is on the edge of a vertical structure.

Tower of Pisa


Segment 1: (26.5, 345.5, 0.0) over 346.51 px


Segment 1: (2.0, 272.5, 0.0) over 272.51 px

Vertical angle 3.97 °

Pisa Factor 99.39%

Note: there is a small error (-0.02 °) compared to the actual value, it may be because the picture is not taken from the point of view where the maximum slope occurs.

Compared to the inclination of the Tower of Pisa (3.99 °) Source: Unesco

More data about the Tower of Pisa.


In less than a minute the software can

  • Calculate the tilt angle accurately
  • Determine the bending

Diagnose that posts should be strengthened (using stays or reinforcements)

Integrates with MobileReport system


  1. Load a photo in the application.
  2. The user draws lines over the structure that is tilted by the center or an edge (in red).
  3. The user draws a line over the reference structure that is considered vertical (green).
  4. The software calculates the inclination angle and the bending arrow

Total time for operation: 45 seconds

Note: The time to take the picture is not included


  • The leaning tower of Pisa
  • Posts of the energy distribution networks
  • Compliance with the standard such as RETIE
  • Analyse the danger of tipping or rupture

Analysis of a pole belonging to EPM Medellin

Note: The red line is the center pole, the green line is on the edge of a vertical structure. Click to enlarge.

Structure No. 6



  • Segment 1: (-17.0, 313.0, 0.0) over 313.46 px
  • Segment 2 (-29.0, 287.0, 0.0) over 288.46 px
  • Overall length 601.92 13.40 deflection px px

Note: there are 2 segments because there is a deviation due to bending forces 2.23% arrow bending

Retie Factor 74.18%



Segment 1: (-3.0, 122.0, 0.0) over 122.04 px

Vertical angle 1.70 °

Pisa Factor 42.61%

Note: The inclination of the structure compared with the inclination of the Tower of Pisa in 2010 expressed as a percentage