Sentry: QR Code Technology

The Secure Entry System.

How many times have you been delayed entering a company or an event?

No more delays with the Secure Entry System Sentry.



Senty is ideal for:

  • Companies
  • Meetings
  • Entry of Contractors
  • Conferences
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cines
  • Events
  • Concerts

Use in companies

Traditional steps for a meeting in a company

  1. The event organizer will send an invitation
  2. Sends information to your phone with the date, time, place of the meeting management. (3 minutes)
  3. You arrive at the company
  4. Waiting in line (10 minutes)
  5. The receptionist asks for details of the meeting and searches in the directory (1 minute)
  6. You may be asked Which of the two employees with the same name and the same last name is it? (1 minute to explain that department works)
  7. The organizer of the meeting is not available to confirm your entry. (15 minutes while they search for them or find someone who can authorize your entry)

Total: 30 minutes

The same meeting from the point of view of an employee of your company.

For a meeting with 10 people.

Every time a guest arrives for the meeting, a call from reception is received to confirm entry.

How productive is the half hour before the meeting when you have to answer 10 calls?

As a percentage of their working day that would be 6.25% which is not productive,

Multiply this for each meeting a week with external guests and it shows that there is a significant waste of time.

Steps with Sentry

  1. The event organizer sends an invitation with QR code
  2. The user takes a picture of the code with their mobile device, saves it or prints it.
  3. They arrive at the company
  4. The QR code is displayed to a web camera, the system checks their permission to enter and optionally notifies the host by SMS or chat (10 seconds)

Saving time for your employees and saving time for customers and suppliers

Sentry Secure Entry System.


  • Security (uses digital signatures)
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Multi platform
  • Integrates with web calendar systems, PC and mobile devices

Step 1:

The user receives an email invitation to a meeting or confirmation in the case of a conference, which includes the QR code. The user takes a picture of the code with your phone or print it.

See previous photo.

##Step 2:

The user shows the QR code at the entrance to the site on their mobile or in print. The system confirms permission to enter.

Sentry Step 1