Training Systems

We train managers and technical personnel in technological advances in Java and XML.

There is no other area that is changing faster than software.

When was the last time you attended a course in technology?

More than one year ago?

Do you know how much software advances in a year?

We are dedicated to keep abreast of the advances in technologies related to software.

We offer courses designed for systems engineers so that they can keep up with technology and become certified.

Offshore Development

We develop software with the highest quality standards for companies worldwide.

Health for their servers

Two health plans for servers, Server Health Prevent and ServerHealth Support.

Server Health Prevent

24x7 Monitoring of your servers in order to instantly detect potential problems, in most cases we can detect and correct problems before your clients or staff realize.

In your company, how many times has a customer or employee reported a problem?

What is the damage to the image of your company?

How can you quantify the loss of production in your company?

We allow technical personnel to be informed of potential problems with your systems before it affects your customers or internal users.

The system attempts to correct the problem automatically, but in cases that require human intervention we offer the Server Health Support service.

Server Health Support

We offer 24x7 online support and onsite support in the metropolitan area of ​​Medellin, Colombia.

Offshore support is attractive to companies all over the world due to economic advantages to hire qualified engineers in Colombia compared to your own country.

The geographical location of Colombia is especially advantageous for companies in North America, Canada and Central and South America as the time zone is Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). When calling during office hours we can provide support instantly.

Our engineers speak English and Spanish