#Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for 10 years, but there are still many companies that have not adopted it.

Making a comparison with electricity generation in the 1800s. Many companies generated their own electricity as they wanted to control the supply, but that changed when a model of electricity as a service was created. Today almost no one considers the option of generating their own electricity.

Today most companies have their own computer centers, but this model has some problems:

Growth in Demand

Problems with a data center

Who can predict the future demand?

The delay between seeing the need for more computing power and the installation of a new server

What if you fail to predict demand?

If demand varies during the year, one must have the capacity to meet peak demand.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing scale almost instantly.
  • When you need more computing power you can get it, when the server is not required you return it.
  • Low cost, you pay only for what you use

Problems with a data center

  • Typically in a data center for each server you require a backup server, doubling costs.
  • For the servers you pay when they are in use, and you pay when they are not in use.
  • Depreciation: the resources invested in servers depreciate faster,
  • Moore's law states that the computing power of a computer doubles every 18 months
  • Therefore in 18 months a server processes 50% of what a new one would.

It is profitable to have much capital of your company into something that depreciates so fast?

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • No need to invest in a large data center
  • You pay for what you need when you need it
  • At night there are typically few customers and cloud computing saves you money
  • Economies of scale: management costs, maintenance and depreciation are shared with all users

Obstacles to implementing cloud computing

  • Lack of experience in companies
  • Concerns about the security of your data
  • Changes of architecture

Solutions apps4u.co

We develop applications for the cloud

  • We advise companies on their cloud computing strategy
  • We train managers and systems engineers in cloud computing
  • We advise on suitable architectures for the cloud to work together with your existing computing center
  • We offer consulting on measures to protect the security of your data

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The future of enterprise computing is in the cloud